Lavender Parker is an avid reader of romance novels and erotica. Having grown tired of the predictable and often white-washed mainstream romance novels available, she decided to try her hand at writing the kind of stories she wanted to read. Lavender’s hot heroes and heroines come in all shades and all ethnicities! She recently completed her first novel in the St. James Family series, Kiss of Ice.

Lavender currently lives with her long-term boyfriend and slightly neurotic dog in the colorful New York City borough of Queens. When on break from her day job in reality television, she also likes to write screenplays and produce low-budget films.

Lavender loves to hear from her readers! Feel free to jot her an email or tweet, if you’re in the mood πŸ™‚

Contact Lavender Parker:
email: parker.lavender@gmail.com
twitter: @lavender_parker

7 thoughts on “ABOUT LAVENDER

  1. Ms. Parker,

    I love your books. Flower in the Desert and Stone Cold Knockout are some of your best work. I love the earthiness of the characters and how the male character loves their woman. Fantastic work! I cannot wait for more. Keep up the fantastic work your doing.

  2. Is my waiting in vain? Would just like to know if H.O.P 3 aka Beautiful Beatdown is coming out or shelved for good? It’s been years with no official word…

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