Hi all!

I’ve been away for a bit and I know a lot of you readers are getting antsy for my next books. Believe me, I am too. Unfortunately, as I’ve documented on this blog, this past year has not been easy for me. I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block that I just can’t seem to shake. Through it all, I’ve been writing everyday, although not as much as I need to. Spitfire Suckerpunch has been as much of a bear to deal with as its predecessor. It’s taking a long time to finish and it’s also my longest book to date.  Every time I think I’m close to finishing, another plot issue pops up.


But the good news is that I will finish this book. That is my current mantra. It WILL get done and I WILL move on to the next.

I currently have about four other books that are in various stages of completion as well. After Spitfire is done, I will move on to those. I am definitely planning to make the second half of my writing year better than my first. So without further ado, here is my tentative new release schedule:


Late August: Spitfire Suckerpunch

Late September: Dark Erotica release

October: Parts 2 and 3 of A Devil Named Dixon.

November: Part 4 of A Devil Named Dixon

December: Kiss of Life


Thanks to all of YOU for your patience. I promise I’m thinking of you guys every time I sit down to write 🙂