Get The Burning One for Nook…

The Burning One is now up on B& for Nook here.

I really am pleased with how the book came out, although, originally, it was only supposed to be a short novella. The story took me in some… unconventional directions, that’s for sure. It pushes the boundaries of some romance tropes, but hey, what the hell? As a self-published writer, I can push boundaries!

I love wacky, damaged Indira and charming Cee. They both just spoke to me so much. Their story gets dark in points, darker than I’m (currently) going with the St. James Family series, but I hope the readers enjoy them as much as I do!


reviewsFor all you St. James Family series fans out there, if you liked Breaking the Ice and Kiss of Ice (or even if you didn’t like them!) I’d love if you could take a little bit of time and rate them on Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N! I appreciate the feedback, even if it’s negative.

In other news, I’m trying really hard to make a special (self-imposed) Valentine’s Day deadline for a standalone book I’ve been working on. It started as a novella, but it’s ballooned to a full novel. More details to come!

Kiss of Ice now available for Nook…

Kiss of Ice is now available here for the Nook, via B&N.

Now, I’m a little uneasy about this, because I’ve never used a Nook. Also the B&N site is way harder to navigate and search than Amazon. But I’m excited to get Kiss of Ice out to more readers. If you’re a Nook reader,  feel free to let me know how you like the Nook system!