Golden Boys is out now!

Sexy ain’t it

As I wrote last time, I finished a book! And now it’s up on Amazon and B&N! I’m still waiting for Kobo to put it up for sale, but it should be up there shortly.

If you missed my last blog post, it’s under my pen name Whitney Bianca, and it’s a M/M interracial romance.

I’m so happy to have finished this book. Like, that’s actually very tame – I’m really Really REALLY happy I finished a book. Overjoyed.

Don’t mind me, I’ll be tapdancing off into the sunset as I celebrate… and then I’ll get back to work on finishing the next book in my queue!

Happy Summer!

One thought on “Golden Boys is out now!

  1. Finding out that Lavender Parker is Whitney Bianca is the plot twist I didn’t see coming, but will thoroughly enjoy. I too want to live separate lives now.

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