KISS OF FIRE Deleted Scene

So Kiss of Fire is out now, as I’m sure you all know πŸ™‚ Anyway, this was a scene I cut from the book. Although I liked this silly scene between Annata and Toni, it didn’t really flow with the rest of the book, and it didn’t have a good enough pay-off, so it ended up on the cutting room floor. Hope you enjoy.

As always, mature readers only!

Brownstones in Manhattan. Image by brigidesign via flickr

β€œWhat do you think about blow-jobs?” Toni asked, laying on her back in Nat’s bed. Nat froze in the middle of unpacking her suitcase, giving Toni a sharp look.

β€œAre we really having this conversation?”

β€œYes, we are.” Toni said matter-of-factly, ignoring the blush that was spreading across her face. β€œSpecifically, do you have any tips?” Nat sighed heavily, unearthing a few silk blouses from her bag.

β€œI just got back from China, dear. I’m jet-lagged and very tired,” she said, her voice muffled in the walk-in closet.

β€œThis is the perfect conversation to have when you’re jet-lagged and tired. In a few minutes, you’ll pass out and forget we ever had it.”

β€œYou have about-” Nat checked her gold watch,β€œ- ten minutes before Christy gets back from his father’s house, so go.”

β€œOkay.” Toni sat up on her knees, clenching her hands in her lap. β€œSo…” Toni trailed off, trying to figure out how to word what she wanted to say.

β€œI feel like we had this talk before, when you were like sixteen or something?” Nat asked, dropping her shoes into the clear bins that lined the shelves, where she stored her heels.

β€œWe did, but it was very… perfunctory,” Toni said. Nat raised her eyebrow, impressed at the S.A.T. word Toni had pulled out of her hat. β€œI mean, I’m no virgin. I’ve given a blow jobs, but nothing, like, earth-shattering.”

β€œAnd you want earth-shattering?” Nat asked, dropping her hands to her hips.


β€œIs the man in question reciprocating downstairs?” Toni nodded so eagerly that Nat laughed out loud.

β€œYes.” Toni said. β€œTwo words. Earth. Shattering.” Toni thought about how good O’Donovan had worked her over and felt her spine tingle a bit.

β€œOh.” Nat said, eyes wide. β€œWell, alright.” She shook her head, like she couldn’t believe she was about to say what she was about to say. β€œThe key is enthusiasm. Once you figure out what he likes- or you ask him – then you just go at it like it’s the best thing that you’ve ever tasted. The best thing you’ve ever felt. His pleasure is of the utmost importance. Taunting him, teasing him, all of that is part of it.” Nat gazed off, like she was thinking. β€œAnd always swallow. There’s really no gracious way to spit out come, you know?” Nat shrugged, then went back to her unpacking. Toni took a deep breath, trying to keep from laughing.

β€œYou swallow?”

β€œAlways.” Nat said, pulling out her cosmetics bag and unzipping it. β€œI mean, I like to swallow. But it’s up to you.”

Toni couldn’t help it anymore, she doubled over in laughter. β€œOh my God!” She squealed. β€œI thought I could have an intelligent conversation with you about this, but I don’t know.”

β€œIt’s just sex, Toni. You shouldn’t take it too seriously,” Nat deadpanned.

β€œI’ll remember that,” Toni said, still giggling.

β€œSo. Earth-shattering, huh?” Nat said. Toni nodded again, giving her a knowing look. β€œGood for you.”

β€œMy long drought has ended,” Toni said, flopping over onto her side. β€œI can tell you what, I don’t think enthusiasm will be my problem.”

β€œOh!” Nat’s eyes lit up. β€œOne thing I like to do is-”

β€œWoman!” Christy called up from downstairs, the front door slamming closed. β€œWhere are you?”

β€œUp here!” Nat called out.

β€œWhat’s the thing?” Toni stage-whispered, hearing Christophe coming up the stairs.

β€œHmm?” Nat said, distracted.

β€œThe thing!” Toni squealed, just as Christophe swung open the bedroom door.

β€œWhat thing?” he asked, yanking off his tie, looking tired. Nat gave him a look and shook her head, a smile on her face.

β€œDon’t ask,” she giggled. Toni hopped off the bed.

β€œWell I guess that’s my cue.” Toni sighed. β€œI’ll lock up when I leave,” she tossed over her shoulder.

β€œGood-bye, dear,” Nat said, throwing her arms around Christy’s neck.

β€œBye, Toni,” Christophe said, before kissing Nat. Toni headed down the stairs and grabbed her purse off of the center island in the kitchen as her sister’s laugh echoed through the townhouse.

β€œSex fiends,” Toni murmured, smiling. Now that she’d had O’Donovan, she totally understood. She had every intention of jumping his bones the second she saw him again. She turned off the kitchen light and the lamp in the living room, then she shut the front door behind her, locking both locks. As she headed down the sidewalk toward the train, her phone vibrated, signaling the arrival of a text.

Nat: Don’t forget about the balls. Very important.

Toni laughed all the way to the train.