Summer Lovin’

Hello dear readers!

As many of you may know, my book Flower in the Desert was a fun, quick little beach read type of story and I decided I want to make that an on-going thing. So soon, I’m going to release a ‘sequel’ in the loosest sense of the word.

This new novella will focus on two new characters – Tommy and Soledad – who will have their own adventure in the American Southwest. I really enjoyed writing Flower in the Desert in that setting and this new book will follow in the same feel as the original while telling an all new story. Also, Tommy will be a Native American hero. I know a lot of you guys really enjoyed that in Flower and so did I. I don’t think there’s a lot of NAM/BW out there right now, so I’m happy to do what I can on that front 🙂

I’ll let you guys know more deets when I have them, but for now, that’s something to look forward to. Well, I’m looking forward to it, at least!

As far as House of Pain #3, Beautiful Beatdown, I’m planning that for late Summer. I’m really feeling Tiny’s story and House of Pain as a series in general. I’m hope you guys are enjoying it, too.

That’s all for now, hoping you guys are having a great Spring!