Some Updates 2022

Happy almost spring y’all. I’m still writing. I’m still here!

This year I’m working on Kiss of Life. I want to finish it before the 10th anniversary of Kiss of Ice (OMG!) so I’m trying hard to do that.

I’m going to release new covers and put out the series in paperback – and maybe hardcover since Amazon offers that now – for the 10th anniversary as well, so anyone who wants physical copies can get them.

After that, I’ll focus on Beautiful Beatdown to wrap up House of Pain for the 10th anniversary of the series in 2024.

So it’s slow going but I love these two series with all my heart and am going to give them a good ending.

Thanks for waiting and supporting Lavender Parker through the years. It means a lot ❀

Golden Boys is out now!

Sexy ain’t it

As I wrote last time, I finished a book! And now it’s up on Amazon and B&N! I’m still waiting for Kobo to put it up for sale, but it should be up there shortly.

If you missed my last blog post, it’s under my pen name Whitney Bianca, and it’s a M/M interracial romance.

I’m so happy to have finished this book. Like, that’s actually very tame – I’m really Really REALLY happy I finished a book. Overjoyed.

Don’t mind me, I’ll be tapdancing off into the sunset as I celebrate… and then I’ll get back to work on finishing the next book in my queue!

Happy Summer!


Hi All!!

We’re living in crazy, crazy times, aren’t we? 2020 was a DOOZY and now 2021 is halfway over and we’re definitely not back to normal and maybe won’t ever be. But I have to admit that it’s only because of the pandemic that I’m able to write this letter today. Despite everything (or probably in spite of it) I was finally able to drag myself out of the creative rut I was in and push myself headfirst into writing again.

Writing a new book has been a true escape for me in this past year. As many of my readers may have guessed, a few years ago, I hit a severe creative drought that I couldn’t seem to shake. I was still writing, I never stopped. But I couldn’t FINISH anything, and the longer and longer I went without publishing, the more and more depressed and stressed I got. I never had any intention of not publishing for over 3 years, believe me! I didn’t want to abandon my readers or leave you guys in the dark, but it got so hard for me to even come online sometimes. I was very worried that maybe I would never be able to finish another book again.

Over 7 years ago, I started using the pen name Lavender Parker. I have quite a few titles under that name and I definitely hold it very dear to my heart. In 2014, I began writing under the name Whitney Bianca in order to publish a dark romance that I didn’t think belonged under the Lavender Parker name. As time has gone on, I’ve decided that I don’t care about keeping the two apart anymore. So for fans of Whitney Bianca, you can also find my work under Lavender Parker. And for fans of Lavender, I will be publishing my newest book under the name Whitney Bianca.

Yup, you read that right. I will be publishing a new book!!

My new book will be an M/M romance and it will be out July 22 2021!

To date, I’ve written Interracial Romance, I’ve written Dark Romance and now I’m dipping my toe more fully into M/M romance as well. A few years ago, I published The Blame Game, which was my first M/M book. At the time, writing was already starting to give me some trouble (Mansions was kicking my ass!) and my sister suggested the genre as a switch up. And at the time, it worked. I think The Blame Game was one of the fastest books I’ve ever written. I got the idea for my newest book sometime in 2018ish, wrote a few passages, and finally began to write wholeheartedly in 2020.

I’m not abandoning the Lavender Parker name and universe. I am already working on my next novel now.

I will be posting more details about my new book closer to the date. If you’ve read this far, thank you for sticking with me and I hope I didn’t babble too much. Thank you to my readers who have waited patiently for new work. My next book WILL be under the Lavender Parker name, so look forward to that as well πŸ™‚


  • I have two pen names – Lavender Parker and Whitney Bianca
  • My newest book will be out July 22nd and will be under the Whitney Bianca name
  • My new book will be a M/M romance
  • I’m not abandoning dark romance, just branching out
  • thank you so much for waiting!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful late spring/early summer ❀


I’m on Twitter!

So this blog has been pretty dead and in the new year, I’m going to try and do better about updates and writing.


However, I am on twitter! I post there more regularly these days so check me out here:



For now this is the best way to keep in touch πŸ™‚


Happy Winter and best wishes to you and yours~


Bonne Anniversaire, Lavender!

So I just realized something this past Christmas – while I was busy doing all the crap you do for the holidays – that I’ve been writing romances under the name Lavender Parker for three years! Time flies when you’re having fun (and having crippling creative blocks, but I digress…)


Although it’s a bit past the official three year marker, I decided to do a lil wrap-up of the past three years for myself and you, my poor starved readers. So without further ado, here’s some musings on my past writings and future writings as well:

Favorite Book (so far): The Burning One

This is difficult, but I think my favorite overall is still The Burning One. It’s my biggest flop, sales-wise, but I still love the unusual story. Especially near the end of the book, when the story shifts to South America and Cee and Indira really have it out at Indira’s farm in the middle of nowhere. It’s a strange, slightly controversial story but I’m happy I wrote it. To me, it’s one of the most interesting stories that I’ve written and explores the dark and shady areas of psychology and grief, as well as romance.

Continue reading

Frank Ocean.

So as fans of Frank Ocean know, his looooooooong awaited album was supposed to drop today.

fooled ya

fooled ya

Surprise surprise, it hasn’t. Now, technically, there’s still several hours left today in which this album could drop, but it’s not looking good. While Frank’s fans cry in a corner, I was going through people’s reactions on Twitter and I had a realization.

I am Frank. Frank is me.

Not really. Frank is (arguably) a music genius and definitely more influential and interesting than I will ever be, but we’re both similar in at least one aspect – endless delays. Pushing forward projects that we might not be ready to let go of creatively because we feel like they should be finished. Enough, already! I find myself thinking when I’m staring at an unfinished scene in a book that should’ve (by my estimation) been finished months ago. I get so frustrated at myself for taking a long time to finish a book that the book ends up taking longer and longer. Months pass beyond my initial self-imposed due date. Any excitement and stimulation I felt about finishing a book starts to drain away.

But I keep pressing on. This writing ‘thing’ isn’t just a casual fling with me. It’s a lifelong love affair that I have to keep nurturing. Once I finish one book, I’ll move on to the next and then the next and the next. I think about my characters and their plot problems everyday. I write everyday, even if it’s only a paragraph. It might not be as fast of a process as I’d like, but I have to remember to keep it as creatively enriching as possible. I have to stop pushing myself to force out fast food and remember to let my ideas marinate. Not forever, but for as long as they need to become tasty morsels for all of you who enjoy my work.

Who ever said the life of a creative was easy? Cuz they lied! But to all my fellow artists out there, it’s worth it. I think πŸ™‚


I hope Frank feels the same way.

For all of you dying for updates, here’s what my VERY LOOSE schedule looks for the rest of 2016:

  • a novella spin-off of Flower in the Desert that I discussed in an earlier post. It’s tentatively titled Light in the Wilderness and should be out late this month
  • Beautiful Beatdown is very high on the priority list, of course. Hoping to have it out this fall.
  • I hope to have more installments of Dirty Rotten Dixons out before Christmas

Thanks for reading my rants~



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Summer Lovin’

Hello dear readers!

As many of you may know, my book Flower in the Desert was a fun, quick little beach read type of story and I decided I want to make that an on-going thing. So soon, I’m going to release a ‘sequel’ in the loosest sense of the word.

This new novella will focus on two new characters – Tommy and Soledad – who will have their own adventure in the American Southwest. I really enjoyed writing Flower in the Desert in that setting and this new book will follow in the same feel as the original while telling an all new story. Also, Tommy will be a Native American hero. I know a lot of you guys really enjoyed that in Flower and so did I. I don’t think there’s a lot of NAM/BW out there right now, so I’m happy to do what I can on that front πŸ™‚

I’ll let you guys know more deets when I have them, but for now, that’s something to look forward to. Well, I’m looking forward to it, at least!

As far as House of Pain #3, Beautiful Beatdown, I’m planning that for late Summer. I’m really feeling Tiny’s story and House of Pain as a series in general. I’m hope you guys are enjoying it, too.

That’s all for now, hoping you guys are having a great Spring!


It’s Deep, Fam

Recently a friend recommended to me that I check out Being Mary Jane, which is currently available on Netflix. For everyone who doesn’t know, Mary Jane normally airs on BET and it stars Gabrielle Union as a popular daytime host on an MSNBC-esque channel. The show follows her ups and downs in the dating world as well as in her career field. My friend texted me about it and it sounded up my alley and I had some free time, so I plopped down on my couch and decided to watch. At first, the show appeared to be similar to many romantic comedies – girl wants guy, guy shows up unexpectedly, girl is surprised and has a comedic freakout while she readies herself for guy. I was prepared to flick it off at the first sign of cliched or hackneyed writing because, let’s be real, I probably should’ve been writing my own novels and not watching TV anyway.


As you can probably tell, I had some preconceived notions about the show. I thought it was going to be similar to Girlfriends which was created by the same producer. No offense to lovers of Girlfriends (including my boyfriend, who used to watch old reruns for shits), but I was never that into it (even though the theme song still gets stuck in my head randomly from time to time grrr) I also hadn’t heard much about Being Mary Jane in general. Everybody on Facebook or Twitter is always talking about Scandal or Empire but no one seems to be paying attention to this little show on BET. What a tragedy, though, because let me tell you – Being Mary Jane is great.

For starters, Mary Jane lives in Atlanta, Georgia in a ridiculously beautiful home. She dates ridiculously beautiful men and she herself is ridiculously beautiful (seriously, what kind of virgin-blood-infused youth elixir is Gabrielle taking? Gimme some!) So basically, it has a similar set-up to a lot of contemporary romance stories – MJ is a successful single woman who wants to settle down with the right man and have kids. And when I say ‘right man’ I mean educated, successful, and HOT. I could go on and on about the Hot Man Candyβ„’ that is on this show but I won’t…

Yeah… pretty sure he knows he’s hot.

Mary Jane’s dating woes take up a good portion of the show and, as a romance writer, of course I’m interested in the way the writers tackle that subject. They do a great job, in my opinion. Mary Jane’s romantic entanglements feel fresh and are portrayed in funny and sometimes heartbreaking ways. Also, can I just mention that I LOVE that they portray female masturbation and female sexual appetite as a normal and regular thing? All the praises for that. However, what I really think stands out about Mary Jane as a show is the way she interacts with her colorful and dysfunctional family.

MJ has a well-known, once highly successful father, a manipulative mother with Lupus, an older brother who was once successful in his own right but now has drug problems, a younger brother in college who has a side job dealing weed, and – my favorite of all – a snarky nineteen year old niece who’s already the mother of one baby and is pregnant with another. Now, I’m not going to go into all the family drama or give away plot points but I love that the writers chose to give MJ such a rich and interesting family dynamic. The drama comes from the immediate situation – Mary Jane’s family is basically living off of her and she feels burdened and taken advantage of – but there’s so much more to it because the characters are extremely well fleshed-out and their relationships have a lot of layers. There’s no cliched or one-dimensional characters here. The writers have taken typical, cliched Black tropes – the drug addict, the unwed teen mother – and turned them into three-dimensional characters. They’re funny, flawed, hot messes who are all ultimately lovable and sympathetic characters.


As a lot of you might know from my books, I have a ‘thing’ for writing families. I enjoy writing about family dynamics. Not only biological families, but also the families that we create for ourselves with friends and people who we meet in life and choose to love. I really appreciate that the creators of Mary Jane took the time and made it a priority to focus on her family. They could’ve chosen to focus mostly on her friendships or her relationships but I think the show is better for going in the direction that they did. It makes it richer and more well-rounded. It’s not only a show about an extremely successful woman with a lot of money, but it’s also about how the people who know her best react to her success and come to terms with it and, at times, take advantage of it.

Also, the show is just really funny, daring and sexy. Seriously. Watch it.


Another show that I think does a great job of portraying another black family in a deeply layered and interesting way is Empire (although I’ll admit I’m not caught up on this latest season).Β  The show is wacky and over the top, but the family relationships (almost) always feel based in reality. Giving them the backstory of the Cookie’s jail sentence and their prior life in poverty was really smart, in my opinion. It adds a layer of desperation and the feel that, even though they’re extremely successful and rich now, they could easily backslide into poverty. Anyway, I’m late in talking about Empire, but the family dynamics were what kept me tuning in every week, as well as the good music.

And of course, Cookie is one of the best characters ever.

So there you have it. I hope you’ll all give Being Mary Jane a shot, if you haven’t already. I think I’ve gushed enough about it, so now I’ll give you some updates although there’s not much to report. I’ve been busy writing lately, but it’s slow going. No surprise there, eh?Β  2016 is gonna be all about playing catch-up with my series so expect me to be more active in the coming months. I’ll be updating about the third book in the House of Pain series, Beautiful Beatdown, soon. So if you haven’t read the second book, Spitfire Suckerpunch, you might want to get on that πŸ™‚


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Looking Ahead

Now that 2015 is almost over, I’m trying not to be depressed about my work output this year. 2014 was a really productive and creative year for me, and 2015 was, to say the least, NOT. But I’m not going to let myself get too down. I’m proud of myself for releasing Spitfire Suckerpunch, and I hope that you guys are enjoying Tate and Shay’s story.


For right now, I’m working on finally finishing Kiss of Life. Vivica’s story has been haunting me for a long time and I know you guys are very anxious to see how her story plays out. I’m very motivated to get it to you guys sometime this holiday season, so just know that I’m working hard on it and it will be coming!

A Devil Named Dixon has been on the back-burner forever, and for fans of that series, I apologize. I wrote the first part when I was struggling with Spitfire and I never thought it would take this long to complete. I’m actually considering taking it off sale until I can finish the rest of the parts. I don’t want to disappoint anyone who’s been waiting a long time for the continuation, but I just am still not in a great place, writing-wise. Kiss of Life is most important right now.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying fall and getting in those pumpkin spice lattes while you still can.