Breaking the Ice Available Now!

Breaking the Ice is now available for Amazon Kindle! And it’s only .99 cents 🙂

breaking the ice

I just published this short novella using KDP select, which means it will only be available for Amazon Kindle until April. I had good results using KDP for Kiss of Ice, so I figured I would use it again. The next book, Kiss of Fire, will be available on all platforms from jump, so all of you Nook/Sony readers should appreciate that.

I’m excited about this novella because not only do we get to revisit Annata and Christophe’s story, but we meet Vivica, whom I have to admit, I’m a little biased toward. She’s the heroine of Kiss of Life (the third book in the St. James Family series) and she’s such a mess. So (of course) she’s super fun to write.  I hope you guys enjoy reading about her as much as I enjoy writing her!


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